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      Customer Service Number: 1-800-438-5000
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      Website: https://www.koreanair.com/
      Customer Support Email: NA

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Korean Air Reservations

With its global headquarters located in Seoul, South Korea, the Korean Air is the largest airline and flag carrier of South Korea. Timely customer service has been one of the biggest priorities of Korean Air. However, the question of how to contact Korean Air Customer Service has been one of the concerns. 

The services at Korean Air Customer Service are provided in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Italian and Spanish language.  Regarding any issue or query from Korean Air, here’s how you can contact the Korean Air Customer Service- 

  1. Via website- The website of Korean Air has a separate column with varied departments to help its customers. 

Step (A) 

  1. Step:1 Reach the official website of Korean Air- koreanair.com
  2. Step:2 Go to the bottom of the website and find the Customer Support section.
  3. Step:3 Click on the Service Centers option.
  4. Step:4 Reach the Service Centers page and search for your Region.
  5. Step:5 You will get the toll-free number on which you can call, the working hours when you can call and you can choose the language of your preference. 

Step (B)

  1. Step:1 Reach the official website of Korean Air- koreanair.com
  2. Step:2 Go to the bottom of the website and find the Customer Support section.
  3. Step:3 Click on the Contact Information option.
  4. Step:4 Reach the Contact Information page and search for your Region and Branch.
  5. Step:5 You will get the information about the Reservation and Ticketing, City Branch Offices, and Airport Office.

Step (C)          

  1. Step:1 Reach the official website of Korean Air- koreanair.com
  2. Step:2 Go to the bottom of the website and find the Customer Support section.
  3. Step:3 Click on the Chat Now option.
  4. Step:4 You will reach the customer service chat room of Korean Air.

As a customer of Korean Air, you are subjected to certain plans under Korean Air Customer Service, continue reading to know what plans are there for you-

  1. Lowest Fare Available-  

When the request for a service is made on the official website of Korean Air, on their telephone reservation service, at the airport ticket counters, and at the ticket offices in the city, a customer is offered the lowest fare available for the date, flight, tickets, and the class of service. 

  1. Customers are notified for the delays, cancellations and diversion of flights-

Whenever a change in the flights occur, the customers are notified timely. Korean Air provides information to the customers within 30 minutes after they have become aware of that change in flights.

  1. Customer’s baggage is delivered on time- 

Korean Air intends to deliver customer’s baggage on time. In case of delayed or misplaced baggage, Korean Air strives to return the baggage within 24 hours. Customers can notify a Korean Air employee at the airport if they find it difficult to locate their baggage. 

  1. No penalty on cancellation and refund request made within a certain period after the reservation-

When a reservation is made through Korean Air ticketing office, Korean Air Service center or Korean Air homepage one week or a bit prior to the date of departure, the refund will be initiated without any penalty if the request for cancellation or refund is made within 24 hours. 

  1. Providing quick refunds on tickets-

For a purchase made on a credit card, the refunds are issued for domestic and international tickets within seven business days. For a purchase made on cash or check, the refunds are issued for domestic and international tickets within twenty business days. 

  1. Meeting customers’ essential needs in times of lengthy tarmacadam delays-

If there is an extreme delay after boarding or landing of the plane, Korean Air provides information regarding the status of the flight. If and when required, Korean Air also intends to meet customers’ essential needs such as food, water, privy facilities, and access to medical treatment in case of an emergency. 

  1. In case of change in the flights, customers are timely informed-

So as not to affect the customers’ itineraries, if any change is made in the flights, then the customers are informed timely using the information provided by the customers at their reservation. 

Korean Air believes in timely resolution of customer’s queries and efficient delivery of desired service to the customers. You can always reach onto Korean Air’s official website to  how to contact Korean Air Customer Service.

The Korean Air is a South Korean airline that flies internationally and is also termed as a comfortable airline as it offers great legroom for long travels and also has a variety of services that are better than its contemporaries flying the same route and the same class. It is a popular option among passengers as far as air travel is concerned.

The reservation system of the Korean Air is fairly simple and any naive person who is making the booking online for the first time can easily book at Korean airlines website. For, Korean air booking, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First and foremost, the passengers need to visit the official page of the Korean Air and from there they need to go for the ‘book a flight’ option. This option takes you to another page where you can book a flight with much ease.
  2. On the next page, you need to fill in the details regarding your travel such as the departure city and the destination. 
  3. Moving further, you need to select the type of trip that you want to take. You select from a one-way, round trip or multi-city.
  4. If you opt for a one-way flight you need to enter the date of the departure only whereas for a round trip you need to enter the departure date along with the return dates. 
  5. Next in the line is the cabin class. Select your choice of cabin and then proceed further by entering the number of passengers travelling with you. Specify the number of adults and children accompanying you on the trip. 
  6. Once all the required information is duly filled you can select the ‘Find flights’ option.

Hitting on this option will take you to the next page where all the available flights will be listed and then you can further make a selection as per your need. The flights will be listed with the timings and you can also check the details of the flight by clicking on the option that suits you best. This way you can simply make Korean air reservations from the comfort of your home.

If you find the above-mentioned method as an inconvenient method then you are advised to seek assistance from the customer care present at Korean Air. They will guide you through the process and you can easily make the Korean air booking with their help and assistance. To connect with customer care, try reaching them through the Korean air customer service number.

Korean Air Booking Number

Korean Air or Korean Air Lines is the largest (in terms of fleet size) and flag carrier airline of South Korea. It, which was founded in 1946 as Korean National Airlines, was fully privatized in 1969. The headquarters of this airline is located in Seoul, the Republic of Korea. That’s why the majority of pilots, ground staff, and flight attendants of this airline company are based in Seoul. Depending on its fleet of 174, Korean Air is connecting us to 127 destinations.

What are the features & benefits of Korean Air?

  1. Korean Air provides two flying classes
  2. Economy Class seats recline up to 121 degrees
  3. Prestige Class seats include "Prestige Sleeper" seats that feature "Kosmo Suites" seats
  4. Korean Air offers a frequent-flyer program as SKYPASS
  5. Korean Air allows its elite-level members to fly with 30,000 miles per two-year cycle
  6. Korean Air is also engaged in aerospace research and manufacturing

How do I upgrade to first class on Korean Air?

Firstly, to snag a first class upgrade with Korean Air, you'll need to already be flying in business class. That means you can't upgrade from economy straight to first class, or from economy to business class and then from business class to first class on the same flight, as upgrades are all 'one class' only.

How much does it cost to upgrade on Korean Air?

In order to be upgradeable, the tickets would have to be booked as an M class fare or higher, which would cost $2,557 round trip (not bad) and he would need 40,000 Skypass miles to upgrade each way since he was flying the A380, which has Korean Air's Prestige Sleeper seats.

How to get cheap air tickets in Korean Air?

  1. Avoid significant holidays for your trip
  2. Fly to a particular city during undesirable hours
  3. Compare fares at airports near your destination city
  4. Use the Korean Air helpline number to book cheap flight tickets
  5. Book the ticket for a crack-of-dawn flight
  6. Get the updates of discount offers by following Korean Air on social media
  7. Use airline miles or redeeming credit card reward points to book your ticket
  8. Go for a Red-Eye flight to a specific city

What is Korean Air's helpline?

You can dial the Korean Air Reservation Phone Number USA if you are willing to get an instant ticket to any domestic or international destination. This number is also helpful for you if you are looking forward to getting a ticket cancellation. Backed by skilled helpdesk professionals, the reservation number is assisting the passengers without asking for any change.

What is the process of booking a flight in Korean Air?

Korean Air connects South Korea with the rest of the world with its strong connectivity of direct flights. With its global headquarters in Seoul, Korea Air is preferred by a lot of Koreans as well as international passengers. Moreover, there are also places of tourist interest and a lot of people mostly Asians, prefer spending vacations in South Korea. If you want to visit any nearby place in Asia, South Korea is a safe option to visit. To book tickets, you have to follow the steps of Korean Air Reservations.

Steps to book flight in Korean Air

  1. To start booking, type the web address of Korean Air and press enter.
  2. As the homepage loads, click on book a flight link above on the extreme left.
  3. Under book, a flight link, tap on booking option and proceed.
  4. A booking window will load in which you can fill in the details.
  5. To start with, enter the date and time you are okay with it.
  6. Scroll down a bit and enter the destination you have decided to travel to
  7. Moving on next, mention the number of passengers traveling along with you.
  8. Before starting the booking procedure, you can also mention if the booking that you have made is an award flight or normal booking.
  9. Next, if kids are traveling along, mention their exact age.
  10. Also, clarify how you would like to make the payment.
  11. Once you have filled in all the details, tap below and click on search flights.
  12.  Pick one flight from the list and book.
  13. Make the payment and you are done with the bookings.

And that’s all. In case of any doubt, contact Korean Air customer care for more reference.

How do I get my boarding pass for Korean Air?

Just print the e-Ticket Itinerary/Receipt and present it with your passport to the agent at check-in counter. The agent will issue your boarding pass, but please keep your e-Ticket Itinerary/Receipt with you throughout your journey because it may be requested during immigration or customs declaration.

Learn the simple process on how to check-in online for Korean Air flights

Korean Air is the largest airline in terms of providing accurate fight service to passengers every day. It is a fleet that is immense perfect in size which causes most of the passengers who enjoy their journey amazingly. While booking the website, there are most of the passengers who check out the baggage information to carry their important items with them. After this, you can simply select your seat at your favorite place in the flight and choose other important items that you are looking for. Korean Air offers you a perfect and convenient flight service on a day to day basis. This is a blog that offers you important information regarding check-in online flight on Korean Air.

How to check-in online for Korean Air flights?

If you are travelling with international flights, it is recommended to arrive at the airport for 2 hours before your departure time and 40 minutes for domestic flights. So for the check-in, you must be careful with the time so that you can find perfect help and complete your task smoothly. While check-in process you can choose Korean air Seat Selection Process leads to reserve a seat where you can find the best seat to travel. Not only this, you can select your baggage to upgrade, change travel’s destinations and date and time and so on. Yet, if you face any trouble and unable to check-in, steps will help you soon.

Following are the ways assisting you to check-in for flights on Korean Air:

  • First of all, visit the booking website and click on the log-in button and enter the valid credentials.
  • Select the manage booking tab and enter the reservation number and select the check-in process.
  • Select your seat to reserve using the Map and select the price as per your requirement of the seat to travel.
  • After that, you will find a message of the seat booking while checking and make it confirm to travel.
  • You will receive a boarding pass completely printed and it will confirm your boarding at the end of the task

So if you have booked a flight and willing to check-in flight online you must read further information on this blog. But still, if you face any trouble you must dial the Korean air reservation phone number USA and get proper information with our customer representatives who are available at every time to help you soon.

About Korean Air in-flight entertainment

Korean Airlines is one of the major airlines of Korea.it’s headquartered in South Korea. It is measured by its fleet size; the number of passengers carried and also operates cargo services. It serves both domestic and international flights. The fleet size of this airline is 180. It takes care of the passenger’s safety and provides a cool environment.

What is Korean Air in-flight entertainment?

  1. In-flight services are the services that are offered by airlines which are both paid and free for the passengers. Korean Airlines provides beneficial and required services to their passengers. It offers entertainment services to its passengers. In this in-flight entertainment, it shows movies to their passengers. It feels like we are watching a movie in the theater. It shows all types of movies like classic, Korean, Asian, European and many more. It also shows documentary and all types of music. You can easily enjoy Korean air entertainment by jut travelling in Korean air.
  2. This is the best entertainment service offered by this airline. The passengers don’t get bored on the flight. They can enjoy movies, documentary or any other video of their type. Korean air entertainment is very relaxing and calming. It also holds Korean air boarding music which plays at the time of boarding the flight, which makes passengers relaxed.
  3. Korean airline is economical and it also ensures the passenger’s safety providing long haul comfort. Booking a flight using Korean Airlines Reservations is very much easier and convenient for the passengers.

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