Southwest Airlines Group Booking: Seeks Buying Plane Tickets for a Group

Don't we all love traveling to different places for vacation with family or friends? Traveling alone has its perks but if you travel in a group then it is equally fun. And on top of that, you can even get a nice discount and other benefits. If you are traveling by air and in a group of more than ten people then flying becomes even more comfortable. There are a lot of airlines who give several feasibilities to the passengers under group booking at quite reasonable flights. 

Group Booking in Southwest Airlines 

There are very few airlines that actually provide Group bookings and Southwest Airlines is one of them. If you are booking a flight for people more than ten people then the reservation will fall under Southwest Airlines group travel. 

Group Travel Policy of Southwest Airlines 

  1. Now if you are heading towards a group travel booking then before that you also need to know about a few basic rules that fall under travel policies. To find out those terms and conditions, tap below. 
  2. The group booking procedure for Southwest Airlines is quite different from normal booking steps. 
  3. For people traveling in a group, Southwest issues special discounts that you can only get on specific dates and on specific flights. 
  4. If you ever cancel your reservation then you don't need to cancel it one by one. Flight tickets of all the passengers will get canceled all in one go.
  5. You can change as many names as you want and get fixed discounts on all kinds of flights. Moreover, there are no extra charges on any kind of changes made on the reservation. 

How to book the flight for a group in southwest Airlines 

  1. To book flights for a group in Southwest Airlines, you can follow below given steps. 
  2. if you want to book group flight online then visit the official website of the airline first
  3. Under the reservations option, click on the group travel tab and press okay.  
  4. Now in the next booking window, enter all the usual booking details. Enter the date of flying and returning, the city you want to go and from where. 
  5. Also, mention the number of passengers going with their names and specifying kids and adults. 
  6. Move ahead and after filling all the details, select search flights. Pick one flight that suits your requirement and make payment. 
  7. Before making payment make sure that the flight is having enough seats to accommodate your group. Confirm the payment and you will be done. 

Canceling Group Flights and applying for the Refund

Often despite having a confirmed reservation, we often end up canceling the flight reservation because of any sudden emergency. And cancellation and Southwest group travel refund policies are different.

Canceling group flights in Southwest 

  1. By simply visiting the official website or calling on the reservation helpline number, you can easily cancel your flights. 
  2. Tap on the manage booking reservations and cancel the flights of all the people in one click
  3. Or call upon the helpline number and give your flight details and request the team to cancel your flights. 

Refund Policies of the canceled Group flight 

Once you have canceled your group reservation and received the confirmation, now apply for the refund as soon as possible. There are a few eligibility criteria for applying for a refund. And to find out about the refund, tap below. 

  1. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of reservation then you can get a full refund. 
  2. Whereas for canceling flight on the last moment will be subjected to certain charges and refund will be calculated after deduction. 
  3. Similarly, the refund processed will be credited back in the account within seven working days. 
  4. Moreover, you will only get a full refund if the flight canceled was set to depart at least seven days later.
  5. The refund will be processed the same way as the payment for a reservation was made. 

Discount on Group Flight Reservations

Does Southwest Airlines do group discounts?

The biggest perk of traveling in a group is the group flight booking discount that you can easily get at the time of reservations. But for the discount, there are certain hacks you need to follow.  

  1. To get the discount, you can get scroll through the website for all the latest updates
  2. You can also call upon the reservation helpline number for discounts
  3. The discount during peak season is high hence try booking flights during then only and well in advance. 
  4. Moreover, for a discount, try to check last-minute deals since airlines launch attractive discounts at that time only. 
  5. You can also use your miles for getting a discount on flights. All you have to do is redeem them instead of paying in cash. 

And hence that's all how you can get a discount on the group travel flights. For doubts, contact the customer care team. 

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