How do I obtain my boarding pass through United's app?

United Airlines app is your travel companion. It allows you to check United flights, book flights, change your status, view your MileagePlus Account information and check-in, and get a mobile boarding pass directly from your mobile. The App is compatible with iphone, iPad, and iPod touchscreen devices. Also, for Android devices, The united App provides users easy access to their travel details.

You can access your boarding pass via the united App in just a few minutes. Beginning 24 hours before the departure time of your Flight, you can check in for your Flight by the following methods:

  1. Visit the website united.com
  2. Start the united App, click on the check-in option, and enter your confirmation code and last name in the appropriate field.

How can I obtain an electronic boarding pass to board United Airlines?

Mobile boarding pass

Select your boarding pass, and then forward your boarding passes directly to your phone via email or the mobile App to select eligible itineraries. The Pass is not printed. Once you have received your boarding pass, scan the barcode screen at the security checkpoint or the gate at the departure time. If you change your seat, then the boarding pass will be updated to reflect the latest screen of the App and updated information provided that the device is in good working order.

To include your mobile boarding passbook, you must first sign in with your United airlines App. Once you've displayed your boarding pass, click the add to passbook button. You can then add the image that appears on the page. The Pass will be added to the passbook.

The United App is your all-in-one travel partner.

  • United app will provide information faster and more efficiently thanks to enhanced navigation. The App has also improved accessibility by allowing screen readers, such as voice-over and TalkBack.
  • In the course of your journey, the home screen will give you easy and quick access to crucial information and information, no matter if you're logged into the App or not. When the time for your trip is closed, check in to your Flight on the home screen. You can also see your real-time updates, like the comfort of your Flight and your location, in the updated list. When you arrive at the airport, you can explore airport maps to locate the nearest united club location. You can also stay current on the status of your Flight via push notifications, which are delivered directly to your inbox.

You can manage your MileagePlus account using the unintended App.

Sign up to MileagePlus and explore your MY ACCOUNT account experience. It is possible to earn Miles with MileagePlus programs, and you can redeem these miles in the course of booking award travel through the App as well.

Find flights and make reservations for your trip.

Find flights around the globe. Once you find the one that's right for you, reserve it through the App using the award miles, cash or even your electronic travel vouchers.

It is easy to manage your reservation using the App united

You can see the seat assignments and control them easily or even enhance your trip by adding seats in economy Plus as well as premium access and united club passes, travel bundles and more. You can also modify or change the date of your Flight using the App through the section called "My Trip" on the App.

Continue to use your App from the Flight.

With united private streaming on selected flights, you can enjoy films and TV shows on your smartphone. You can also track the condition of your bag checked and know the gate you'll be at when you arrive.

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