Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

Southwest Airlines is one of the highly appreciated and loved airlines in the world especially when it comes to its cancellations. Millions of passengers love to travel with the airline due to the relaxation it provides on is flight cancellations and changes. However, the other aviation groups do not provide such flexibility and relaxation to the passenger and also charge Hefty amounts on their cancellations.

Now, if you have been thinking to cancel your flight tickets on Southwest Airlines and also been looking for the information on its cancellation policy and refund status then here’s what you need to know. This article will guide you with the thorough information on Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation 24 Hours & other important guidelines.

Southwest Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy 

As per the 24 hours cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines, the airlines do not charge anything on its flight cancellations or change, however, the airline also does not charge anything on its cancellation even after the passenger make their cancellation after the 24 hours. This is the reason that millions of passengers love to travel with this low-cost airline across the world.

In addition, here are the important guidelines on the cancellations of Southwest Airline’s different fares.

Southwest Cancellation Policy On Its Different Fares

Here are the important guidelines from the cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines on is different fares.

Wanna Get Away Fares

  • If you’ve purchased the Wanna Get Away via cash and planning to cancel them now then the entire amount will be credited to your Travel Fund account on Southwest Airlines. You can use this amount to book your Southwest booking in the near future.
  • You can make your Wanna Get Away cancellation up to 10 minutes before your scheduled departure.
  • In the event, if your travel fund has crossed the due time i.e. 1 year then you can get them reinstated by paying a fee of $100.
  • No fund will be refunded if you do not cancel your Wanna Get Away fares at all

Business Select, Anytime, & Senior Fares

  • Cancellation made on Business Select, Anytime, or the Senior Fares will provide you 100% refund in the original form of payment, whether you have purchased them via cash or Rapid Rewards points tickets.
  • However, if the cancelations are not made within at least the 10 minutes before the takeoff), then the purchase amount will be converted into travel funds, that can be used for booking another flight within a year from the original purchase date

What If Your Flights Are Cancelled By The Southwest Airlines? : Important Guidelines

If you have been wondering that what will happen if Southwest canceled my flight then worry not as the airline will either rebook you on it’s another flight or will provide you a full refund along with a $100 travel voucher, plus the travel value of your one-way flight. However, the refund amount will depend on the unused part of your flight ticket.

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Refund 

The following steps will help you to know about your Southwest Airlines Refund Status online.

  • Head over to the official website of Southwest Airlines and then to the Manage Reservations
  • Here, select the View Travel funds from the right section and then enter the following details:
      • Passenger’s first name
      • Passenger’s last name
      • Booking Confirmation code
  • Hereafter, hit the Check Now button to view your travel fund status

Moreover, check with customer care regarding any information on Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation 24 Hours and other details regarding your reservations or cancellations.

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