Flydubai Airlines Flight Change and Cancellation Policy: Here’s Everything You Need to know 

Flydubai Airlines presents a clear and genuine policy for the flight change and cancellation by passengers in an unpredictable event. Also, Flydubai provides a ticket fee refund to the passengers after canceling a booking when they are unable to catch it. However, you need to follow certain instructions on the Flydubai website for applying the final change or cancellation for your pre-booking. Therefore complete details about the Flydubai change and cancellation policy are given below. Additionally, you will also learn the particular procedure to get a refund and apply for the date and name change in your Flydubai flight tickets.

What is the policy to change and cancel a Flydubai flight?

Flydubai has a genuine policy for changing and cancelling a booking due to the sudden occurrence of uncertain events. You will get a more clear understanding of the Flydubai Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy and flight change policy from below.

Flydubai Flight Change Policy:

  • According to the Flydubai flight change policy, you can modify the date, time, or route of your flight
  • You can also add or remove a passenger name from your booked tickets
  • You can change your itinerary by adding extra luggage, or special meals
  • You have the permission to change your seat to another preferred choice
  • You can apply the eligible changes in your flight by visiting the official website of the Flydubai

Flydubai Cancellation Policy:

  • Flydubai follows the 24-hour cancellation policy, based on which you have permission to cancel a flight without any cost, within the 24-hour time limit as per the initial booking time
  • Moreover, Flydubai charges an additional fee for cancelling a flight ticket after the 24-hour time limit. This extra money charged by the Flydubai is called cancellation fee
  • If you have booked our flight directly with Flydubai, then you can apply for the cancellation on its official website
  • If you have booked your Flydubai ticket through a travel agent, then you must contact them for asking about the cancellation terms

How to Get a Refund From Flydubai?

Flydubai refund policy explains the conditions to get your money back after cancelling your booking with them. Therefore, if you want to know how to get a cancelled flight refund from Flydubai, then read the points given below:

  • According to the refund policy of Flydubai, you are eligible to get future travel voucher in the form of a refund after cancelling your flight with them
  • You can use your travel voucher within the stipulated time limit for booking a future flight or service with the Flydubai Airlines
  • The amount of refund depends wholly on the fair type as Flydubai returns the ticket fee after a deduction of cancelation fee from the original booking price
  •  Flydubai Airlines doesn’t provide cash refunds for a cancelled flight due to the high processing cost

What is the process to change the name and date on Flydubai tickets?

You already know that Flyfubai permits the passengers to modify their booked flight tickets. Moreover, if you wish to learn how to apply Flydubai date change on tickets and name change which is same, then follow the procedure given below:

  • Go to the official website of the Flydubai and navigate towards manage booking
  • Then open the manage booking section and enter the last name of passenger first
  • Next, provide your booking reference ID in the box  assigned for it
  • Tick mark confirmation box and hit view booking tab
  • Now a list of all your bookings will appear in the screen
  • Hereafter, select the booking you wish to change
  • Hit change button to modify the passenger name or the flight date as per your need
  • Next, you must save the change after paying the applied charges
  • Later, Flydubai will send a message notifying the changes you have applied in flight

Therefore, the most specific details about the flight change and cancellation policy of Flydubai Airlines are discussed above. Plus you also know how to apply the change in flight and get a refund from them after cancelling a flight. Apart from this, if you have any other reservation related query for Flydubai Airlines, get assistance from a representative by contacting their customer support department. You can dial the Flydubai Airlines phone number or you can also collect information through a live chatbox.

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