Cathay Pacific Airlines Cancellation Policy

Traveling can be more stressful if any incident happens like delay, cancellation or the interruption of the flight. Before it becomes more painful and hurt most after canceling the flight ticket, you must stick with the cancellation Policies to avoid any loss in the event or with the Cathay pacific flight change compensation. Here we have updated all the conditions of the cancellation policies.

Here are given the Following Steps to cancel the flight:

  • If you cancel within 24 hours of the flight purchase, you will get a full refund of the money.
  • Sometimes Cathay Pacific cancels the flight ticket with no reason at any additional charge.
  • In case if you are willing to cancel the flight ticket entirely, Passenger will be asked to pay a rebooking fee and the handling charge.
  • Cancellation charges depend upon the flight itinerary route or the destination.
  • A Rebooking fee of UDS 150 applies to the premium economy and the standard economy fares.
  • Airlines return the dragon tickets within 2 years after the purchased date.

After going through the above informative cancellation policies, now we people don't have the patience to get the refund of the money. Nothing can be said until you get back your amount to the same account. This is how we need to discuss refund policies here for Cathay pacific Refund

Cathay Pacific Refund Policy 24 Hours

Here you will find all the updated and relevant information of Cathay pacific flights online. If you want to know more you can share your concern by composing a mail to the Cathay pacific airlines, the customer support team of the airline remain active 24 * 7 and 365 days a year and 7 days a week.

Get the Refund Policies of Cathay Pacific Airlines

If the ticket is already refunded, passengers are not allowed to use the ticket number. After submitting the refund request, the airline generates a print-out of the authorization number for Cathay pacific.

  • An unused value US $ 150 of the flight ticket will be refunded to the credit card that you used to make the payment.
  • On booking online, You will get a partial refund of the original ticket when you change the date and time.
  • An airline does not allow the passengers to request a refund after the completion of 2 years.

See About Rebooking Flight Tickets on Cathay Pacific Airlines

  • In this process, a rebooking fee of USD 150 applies to the Economy save fares and the business saves fares and the standard fares.
  • A rebooking fee of USD 50 applies to standard economy fares 
  • You have to pay a fee of fare difference of Low to High season and no refund will be paid to the High to low season.

All the above information is sufficient is to give you knowledge of the Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policies. If needed, you can call directly to the customer support team of the airlines for queries regarding the reservation or the booking process. As aside from this, you can take assistance or look for the solution from the most updated and easy solutions or May visit to the airport kiosk representative of the airlines for Cathey Pacific.

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