• Norwegian Air Lines Information
    • Headquarters: Oslo, Norway
      Customer Service Number: NA
      Parent Organization: NA
      Website: https://www.norwegian.com/ 
      Customer Support Email: NA

  • Norwegian Air Lines Hub
  • Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, Gatwick Airport

  • Top Norwegian Air Lines Airport
  • Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, Gatwick Airport

Norwegian Airlines

Who doesn’t love to visit an exotic location or hill stations or beaches? It brings refreshment in our dull and mundane life. There are many transportation media to serve our purpose. But nothing comes close to serve our purpose in a better manner than Airlines. Norwegian Airlines is a Norway based airlines corporation with having a fleet of 13 aircraft serving many air destinations. It is one of the few airlines operating in the region which is quite profitable. The airlines offer high-quality services whether its onboard services, in-flight entertainment, baggage facilities as well as great food.

What is the Norwegian Airlines foundation date?

October 16th, 1933

What is the Norwegian Airlines fleet size?


How was Norwegian Airlines reestablished?

Norwegian Civil Aviation Board, after Norway’s liberation in 1945, started to initiate operations of civilian airliners. So, the task was given to the Royal Norwegian Air Force. They used surplus aircraft to operate a limited number of routes. In that period, Thomas Falck and Thomas Olsen started initiating the shipowners and businesspeople to raise capital for DNL. On July 17th, 1945, Norway's nine largest shipping companies agreed to raise NOK 15 to 20 million in share capital, and the company to join IATA.

What is Norwegian Airlines Reservation Phone Number?

If any of the Norwegian Airlines passengers faces problem in getting the arrival or departure related information, he/she can directly call at Norwegian Airlines Reservation Phone number. It is backed by specially trained helpline representatives. The helpline representatives provide 24*7/365 support to make sure that the concerns raised by the domestic and international passengers should be handled on an immediate basis and the problem will get resolved as soon as possible.

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