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    • Headquarters:Keflavík International Airport
      Customer Service Number:1800-223-5500
      Parent Organization:Icelandair Group
      Customer Support Email: NA

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Icelandair Airline

The flag carrier airline of Iceland is engaged in operating scheduled services to 48 cities in 16 countries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The Icelandair Group airline is known for its one-stop transatlantic flights. The airline fleet of 36 is mainly based on Boeing 757-200 that became the new backbone for transatlantic flights during the 1990s. As a part of an image campaign designed for retiring Icelandair's "backpacker" label, Icelandair introduced a new aircraft livery in 1999.

What are the features and benefits of Icelandair?

  • Three cabin classes
  • Free meals are available in Saga Class
  • Onboard meal buying facility for the Economy classes
  • In-flight AVOD entertainment system includes seatback, touch-screen monitors for each passenger
  • Free meals, blankets, pillows, and headsets are provided to children
  • In-flight Wi-Fi
  • Flexible pet policies
  • Special facilities for expectant mothers.
  • In-flight magazine Icelandair Info

Here's Get the Icelandair Airline Reservations Process

Icelandair is the airlines which have its headquarter in Reykjavik, used by millions of people every year this airline provides an opportunity to them for making the reservations online by following the standard set of steps, if followed correctly they can make the reservation process as easy as pie.

See the Reservation Process of Icelandair

Here is given the Following Steps to making a Reservation on Icelandair Airline:

  • Visit the website of Icelandair Airlines and Navigate to the flights section.
  • Select the trip type from Round Trip, One Way, and Multi-city.
  • Give details about the date & place of the origin and destination, click Search Flight.
  • Select the flights for departure and arrival from the list of the available flight, click Continue.
  • Choose the fare category from the available options, click Continue.
  • Give information about the passenger such as Name, Gender, and date of birth of the passenger.
  • Enter the contact details of the passenger (Email ID and Phone Number).
  • Pay to the airlines and get confirmation of the reservation on the Email ID.

After making Icelandair Airline Reservations a passenger will be able to manage the reservation of the ticket for the purpose of online check-in, flight change, ticket cancellation, and many more facilities.

What are the Seat classes in Icelandair Airlines?

Travel classes of Icelandair are divided into two parts “Icelandair business class & Economy class”. Further Business Class is divided into two parts “Saga Premium Flex and Saga Premium” with the division of Economy class into three parts “Economy Flex, Economy Standard and Economy Light”.

  • Saga Premium Flex. The premium comfort and the exclusive perks with the flexibility of the flight change and complete refund on cancellation of the flight with the amenities of 2 carry on baggage, 2 checked-in baggage, Priority boarding and check-in, complimentary meals, inflight entertainment, and Lounge access.
  • Saga Premium. Saga premium is the cabin of the Icelandair which can give you a high-class comfort and some hallmark services of priority check-in, priority boarding, fine dine meals, Wi-fi access (up to 2 devices), facility of carrying two checked bags and one carry on bag.
  • Economy Flex. Like the name, this travel class calm your mind with easy changes and complete refund of money in addition to this there are some other which is provided by the airlines in this travel class like Wi-Fi access (up to 2 devices), in-flight entertainment, the permission of flight change but fare the difference only applicable.
  • Economy Standard. That passenger who is searching for the quality and service at a reasonable price can go for this travel class as it allows a passenger to carry one bag, one checked bag.
  • Economy Light. The simplest class of Icelandair which is suitable for the short trip with extra value. This class of not allow flight change and allow only one carry on bag.

You can contact the Icelandair customer service for more information related to the travel class and reservation process.

What Icelandair fleet consists of?

Boeing 737 MAX 9

Boeing 757-200

Boeing 737 MAX 8

Boeing 757-300

Boeing 767-300ER

Boeing 787-8

What is the frequent-flyer program offered by Icelandair?

The frequent flyer program designed and offered by Icelandair is called Saga Club.

What are the services offered by the Icelandair helpline?

What are the ticket booking, cancellation, and refund policies of Icelandair?

How to get the cheapest flight ticket on Icelandair?

Do I prefer in-flight shopping during my travel?

What are the family packages and discount offers available on Icelandair?

What are the in-flight entertainment options offered by Icelandair?

What is the club & lounge policy followed by Icelandair?

How do I know Icelandair's scheduled flight status?

How to know the availability of Icelandair flights?

What are the food & beverage policies followed by Icelandair?

Does Icelandair have any special policy for pets and physically disabled people?

How to get cheap air tickets in Icelandair?

Go for a Red-Eye flight to a specific city

Book your ticket for a crack-of-dawn flight

Avoid significant holidays for your trip

Use airline miles or redeeming credit card reward points to book your ticket

Follow the Icelandair on social media to stay up-to-date with the offers

Use Icelandair helpline number to book cheap flight tickets

Compare fares at airports near your destination city

Fly to any destination during undesirable hours

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