Afriqiyah Airways

Afriqiyah Airways, a state-owned airline based in Tripoli, Libya, is engaged in connecting us to 19 destinations in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization was established and commenced its operation in 2001. The Chairman and CEO of this airline, Abobakr Mohammed Alfortiya, is driven by the willingness to serve the passengers. That is the reason; it has established a helpline which is catering to a wide range of services that are easy-to-avail and user-friendly.

What is the Afriqiyah Airways foundation date?


How to get cheap air tickets in Afriqiyah Airways?

Avoid significant holidays for your trip

Book the ticket for a crack-of-dawn flight

Go for a Red-Eye flight to a specific city

Fly to a particular city during undesirable hours

Use airline miles or redeeming credit card reward points to book your ticket

Get update about discount offers by following Afriqiyah Airways on social media

Use Afriqiyah Airways helpline number to book cheap flight tickets

Compare fares at airports near your destination city

What is Afriqiyah Airways Reservation Phone Number?

As we have mentioned above, Afriqiyah Airways Reservation Phone Number is engaged in providing a wide range of user-friendly services. At the same time, this number is enabling its domestic and international passengers to get their instant tickets or cancel a booked ticket. However, dialling this number is easier than our imaginations.

What are the services provided by Afriqiyah Airways helpline?

Flight availability

Personal item and carried bag policies

Seating arrangement change policy

Expenses of the flights in different destinations

Club & lounge policy 

Discount and special offers

In-flight shopping & entertainment policies

Child and physically disabled policies

Food, beverage, and special dish policies

Ticket booking policy and procedure

  • Afriqiyah Airways Information
    • Headquarters: Janzour, Libya
      Customer Service Number: NA
      Parent Organization: Libyan African Aviation Holding Co.
      Website: http://afriqiyah.aero/
      Customer Support Email: NA

  • Afriqiyah Airways Hub
    • Tripoli International Airport
      Benina International Airport
      Misrata Airport
      Sebha Airport

  • Top Afriqiyah Airways Airport
    • Tripoli International Airport
      Benina International Airport
      Misrata Airport
      Sebha Airport

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