What is Frontier Airlines Name Correction Policy 2022?

Have you recently booked your flight ticket with Frontier Airlines and later realized that the name printed on your flight ticket is incorrect? Then, you don't need to fret out as the airline understands such situations and offers its passengers with a provision to modify their name on the flight ticket. And for the passengers who are not aware of the process and policy, they can check out information mentioned in this article. 

Name correction policy of Frontier Airlines

For the passengers who are wondering how to change the name for their booked reservations, they are offered Frontier Airlines name correction policy that permits the passengers to correct names for their booked reservation. However, before heading on with the name correction process, the passengers must keep these pointers in mind. 

As per the standard policy of the airline, the passenger who wishes to change the name on the ticket before the departure of the flight can confirm the same by paying:

  • A fee of $75 
  • Difference between the fare paid and the current selling price of the same itinerary. 

Further, for changing the name for the booked itinerary, the passenger can either contact the airline reservation department or opt for the manage booking service of the airline. 

Procedure To Modify Name for Frontier Airlines Reservations

Well, for the name correction process, the user is required to opt for Frontier airlines manage booking service and follow the steps mentioned below to modify their name on the booked reservation. 

  • The passenger is required to visit the airline website and login to their Frontier account. 
  • Now, the passenger needs to navigate to the manage booking option. 
  • Then, the passenger is required to enter the reservation details and retrieve the booking. 
  • Further, the passenger needs to opt for the name correction option for the reservation. 
  • After that, the passenger is required to provide the correct name for the booking and click on the Update option. 
  • And once the name for the flight reservation is updated, the passenger will be provided with the ticket with updated information. 

Thus, by using this process, the passenger can easily update the name for the booked reservation. In case, if the passenger fails to make any update, they can contact the customer service of the airline. 

Contacting Frontier Airlines customer service

For contacting the airline representative at Frontier customer service, the passenger can either dial Frontier airlines phone number or send out an email to the airline to update their name for the booked reservation. 

So, next time whenever you need to modify the name for your booked reservation, keep these pointers and procedure in mind and update your booking. 


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