How Do I Change a Flight With Virgin Atlantic?

Changes are essential on any airline whether it be a date change or name change. However, one has to keep many things in his mind while making any kind of change in his booking itinerary. Now, if you have been thinking to change your name details due to any rushing situations which have made you enter the wrong name while making bookings or due to any other reason, then it is better to know about the name change policy of the airlines. On the other hand, the same applies to make changes in the date of the flight to continue your travel plans with the airlines.

When it comes to Virgin Atlantic, the airline has been quite popular for its services and policies. Now, if you have made reservations with Virgin Atlantic and have been thinking to make changes in your flight tickets such as name change and flight date change then here’s what you need to on Virgin Atlantic change flight date, fee, and name change.

Change Flight Policy Of Virgin Atlantic 24 Hours

The following are the major guidelines from the change flight policy of Virgin Atlantic.

  • Virgin Atlantic does not allow any changes including flight changes if the original departure scheduled time is in less than one hour
  • Virgin Atlantic does not offer its same-day changes on its long hauled flights
  • You may need to contact the reservation center to make flight date changes on the flexible tickets on Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Award Flight Ticket Change Fee

Virgin Atlantic Flight Change Fee:

The following are the Virgin Atlantic flight change fee when changes are made in different ways.

  • The airline charges a fee of $75 + fare difference when changes are made on non-refundable fares via an online portal
  • However, a fee of $100+ fare difference is charged when changes are made on non-refundable fares through reservation center.

Can I change my flight date with Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic Flight Change Date:

  • Navigate to the official website of Virgin Atlantic and then to the My Booking tab
  • Here enter the first & last name of the passengers and the booking reference number and then hit the Go to my booking button
  • Now, hit the change button and then follow the onscreen instructions to make changes in your flight date on Virgin Atlantic ticket

How to Change a Name on Virgin Atlantic Flight Tickets? 

  • You can make changes in your first and last names as mentioned on the passport before flying with Virgin Atlantic
  • The surname and date of birth of the passengers must be same as per the passport details
  • You make up to three changes in your surname as per your passport details
  • You can make an addition in your surname but the original surname shall remain same
  • Correction in the first and last name of your are allowed depending on your Virgin Atlantic fare type
  • You might be payable for the name change fee depending on the fare type that you have purchased on Virgin Atlantic

Essential Steps To Change Name On Virgin Atlantic Flight Tickets

  • Head over to the official website of Virgin Atlantic and then switch to the My Booking section
  • Now, enter the required details and then select the booking in which you wish to make changes and click on the Edit option
  • Next, follow the onscreen instructions to  make and finalize the changes in your name details

Moreover, you can get in touch with the customer care services to know more about Virgin Atlantic change the flight date and name change policy from the professional.

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