Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy

Sometime a person may look forward to canceling a pre-booked flight, the need for which may fall due to unpredictable events. In case you have booked a flight with Sun Country Airlines, and now you demand to cancel it, then at first, you must acknowledge its cancellation policy entirely. Apart from this, Sun Country Airlines defines the condition of refund after ticket cancellation through separate guidelines. Besides, you must also understand the rules in case of flight cancellation by Sun Country Airlines due to bad weather. Therefore, all the necessary details related to the Sun country Airlines cancellation and refund policy are given below.

Sun Country Airlines Flight Cancellation 

Sun Country Airlines flight cancellation 24 hours is the major condition described under its policy. Moreover, full terms & condition for the Sun Country Airlines cancellation policy are enlisted below:

  • As per the cancellation policy of Sun Country Airlines, the 24-hour free ticket cancellation window is open for the passenger to cancel a flight with a scheduled departure of 7 or more days
  • Moreover, Sun Country Airlines passengers can still cancel a flight after crossing 24-hour time limit, but then they also have to pay a fixed amount of extra charge to them
  • The amount of cancellation fee charged by the Sun Country Airlines to domestic passengers is 50 dollars, whereas the fee is 100 dollars for the international passengers.
  • Sun Country Airlines allows the passenger to cancel only the tickets booked directly with them either through website or reservation department

Sun Country Refund Policy

As you want to know about does sun country give refunds? The policy for the Sun country Airlines refund describes the number of money passengers will get back in their account after a successful flight cancellation. Therefore, you must go through the Sun Country Airlines refund policy, as given below:

  • As per the refund policy stated by the Sun Country Airlines, the passengers are eligible to receive a full refund after canceling their ticket within 24 hours for a flight scheduled to depart after 7 or more days
  • Moreover, the passenger will receive either half or no refund at all for canceling a flight ticket after 24 hours or such flight is scheduled for departure before 7 days
  • Sun Country Airlines takes around 7-9 working days for refunding the money for such flight whose payment is made through online mode
  • Whenever a passenger cancels flight with the Sun Country Airlines, they must remember to apply for the refund as soon as possible after the successful flight cancellation

Sun Country Flight Cancellation Due to the Weather

The conditions for a Sun Country flight canceled due to weather are described under a separate policy. Therefore, if you want to learn about the Sun Country Airlines cancellation policy due to weather, then go through the points enlisted below:

  • Whenever Sun Country Airlines cancels a flight due to bad weather condition, they try their best provide the accommodation to each passenger in the very next flight running to the same destination
  • Moreover, Sun Country Airlines also allows passengers to apply for the refund of such canceled flights due to weather. Hereafter, the can use that refund amount for a future booking with them
  • Sun Country Airlines passengers must not expect to get compensation after the cancellation of a flight due to bad weather as such a decision is made for their safety itself. Moreover, the bad weather condition is occurred due to nature and in nobodies control, so it is neither their fault

Apart from all that, if you wish to know some other details about the several reservation-related services offered by Sun Country Airlines, then you must contact its customer service department for full assistance.

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      • How do I find where our credit for our flight from Harlingen TX on May 3, 2020 is located. Was told we could apply it to our next flight from Minneapolis to Harlingen, TX Tried to find it on the web but was not successful. Our Reservation Code was UB39FN. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you