What is the Spirit Airlines Pet Policy?

Most of the travelers love to travel with the pet. But carrying pets in the flight requires more research and deep efforts for completing the formalities of the documents or other mandatory formalities. Every airline has well-designed carriers and standard charges to carry pets in the flight. But you don’t need to worry anymore here we have updated all the important policies that you may need to know at the time of the Booking process for spirit airlines pet policy international.

Discover about the Pet policy of the spirit airlines

  • In the aircraft, only 4 numbers of pets are allowed to carry within the United States which include san Juan and st. Thomas
  • Under the policies of the Spirit airlines, the passenger does need to carry any medical certificate for the proof for carry-on pets.

Pets in the cabin

  • Spirit airlines accept small animals of pets, dogs and in the aircraft whose combined weight does not exceed 18 kg.
  • A Spirit airline does not allow birds in the aircraft.
  • If the passenger is traveling with 2 puppies or kittens, you have to pay 1 pet fee to allow them.

Pets in the checked baggage

Due to high temperature, It has been experienced that spirit cargo does not transport pets as checked baggage.

Carrier Guidelines 

  • If the pets are traveling in the cabin, you will see that carrier size does not exceed 45*35*23 cm
  • Pets must sit in the aircraft all the time till reaching the destination.

How do I add a pet to my spirit flight?

To travel with a pet in the spirit airlines, you must have basic or sound knowledge of pet policies, here we have discussed the simple process to add a pet in spirit flights.

  • To add a pet in spirit flight, you need to contact the reservation center to help to make all these arrangements.
  • A maximum of 6 pets is in the aircraft.
  • Passengers are advised to check-in at the gate ticket counter.
  • For the pets, curbside and self-service are not allowed for the passenger.
  • You will be given extra time for the check-in beyond the normal check-in guidelines.

What spirit airlines charge for carrying the pet along?

Carrying pets may cost you heavily, but you can’t ignore the things you need to carry so here we have mentioned all the charges that will be levied on you if you carry pet along.

Charges applied for carrying pet along

  • Passengers are allowed to carry 2 pets along with a pet fee of $110 each way.
  • Six numbers of pets are allowed to carry in the aircraft.
  • The fee varies depending upon the route or the itinerary.
  • For the round trip, you will be charged a fee of $220 to travel around the world.

All the above-aforementioned steps are designed by taking into consideration the problem of a large number of travelers. For further assistance, you may call directly to the customer support team of the spirit airlines for spirit airlines pet fee. for further inquiry, you can compose the mail and send it to the concerned department of the airlines.

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