How To Request American Airlines Refund Money?

Passengers who wish to cancel flights with American Airlines can easily cancel the flight bookings with the help of their terms and conditions. And once your booking is canceled then you can also apply for a refund. The flight refund of American Airlines will be processed only if you have successfully canceled the flight.

Requesting for the flight refund in the American Airlines 

Passengers who often cancel their flight reservations due to any illness or work emergency can apply for the  American Airlines refund money.  All you have to do is follow the given points. 

Filling out the online request form 

  1. If you ever apply for an American Airlines flight refund, you can do that easily with the help of an online request form. All you have to do is open the American Airlines refund link.
  2. Once the page loads, tap on the request a refund option, and then you can fill out the required flight details such as the passenger’s last name and the booking number.
  3. As you are done, you can click the submit link, and then you are done! However, keep one thing in mind that if more passengers are traveling together then you have to process the cancellation one by one. You can’t do it all together.

Calling the helpline number 

If you want to request the flight refund sitting at home then you can even call on the American airlines phone numberThe helpline number of the airline works 24x7, hence you can contact them anytime and get your bookings canceled.

And as the airline notifies of the cancellation, request them for the flight refund as well.

At the ticket Counter 

You can even apply for the flight refund by going to the official ticket counter and then applying for refund. All you have to do is give them the details and get it done in person.

Flight refund policies of American Airlines

  1. If you have canceled the flight ticket within 24 hours of the flight booking then you can apply for the flight refund immediately. 
  2. However, for getting the full flight refund, make sure you have made the reservation at least seven days before the flight took off.
  3. For the flight refund to be processed you have to wait for a maximum of seven days and then the flight refund will be processed.
  4. The flight refund will be given in form of a travel voucher that you can use later to book flights and you would be done.

And that's all for the American Airlines refund procedure. In case you need more details then you can contact on the American airlines customer service number

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