Families. If you are travelling in a booking of 3 or more we will assign you the best seats from those remaining 48 hours before your flight time. Selecting seats during check-in, which is available 48 hours prior to departure.

Can you choose seats on Virgin Australia?

All guests travelling with Virgin Australia operated flights to all other international destinations may select their seat in advance of their flight.For more information, or to select your preferred seat, please visit Bookings > Flight Extras > Select a Seat.

How do I choose my seat on a Virgin flight?

All Virgin Atlantic passengers may choose their seat online for free,* once check in opens, 24 hours before flight departure. However, if a customer wants to select specific seats before then, they will be able to do so from 336 days before their flight, for a fee.

How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?

How to book Your Airline seat when purchasing flight tickets
  1. Enter the flight you wish to purchase into the Alternative Airlines search bar.
  2. Browse flights and click "Confirm Selection" when you find the flight you wish to purchase.
  3. Scroll down on the passenger details page and click on the "Select your seat" button.

Can you choose seats on easyJet after booking?

Seats can be chosen when you book or later via the easyJet app or through Virgin Airlines Manage Bookings. On bookings with more than one passenger, allocated seats must be selected for all passengers on the booking otherwise we cannot allow any allocated seats to be purchased.

How do I check in with Virgin Airlines?

Check in online, on our app, or at the airport. This page tells you about the different ways you can check in for your flight. Choose the easiest option, and check in online or via our app. You can check in from 24 hours before your flight up to 70 minutes* before departure.
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