How do I get a refund from Aeroflot Russian Airlines?

Good news for the flyers! In a major relief to passengers Aeroflot has given some standard guidelines to get a full refund of the money. 

Though, the process may bug you if you use the other option in huff and puff to get back the refund from the airlines. Here find a complete set of refund policies offered by Aeroflot Russian airlines cancellation policy.

Some basic refund policies of Aeroflot Russian airlines 

Before heading to the policies, below find the each and every policy offered by the Aeroflot Russian airlines.

  • Aeroflot took around some 10 business days to return the amount after submitting the request.
  • Airlines have the right to delay the process by up to 30 working days to get back the refund in same account that was used to purchase ticket.
  • Passengers who purchased a non refundable ticket. Their online ticket will not be processed for the refund of the money. To process unused taxes, you can call to the dedicated helpline number or visit to the nearest Aeroflot premises.
  • The refund will be made to the payment source used to pay for the air ticket or the additional services.
  • If the passenger is carrying a non-refundable Aeroflot Airlines ticket you will be required to pay a fee of $200.But in case the domestic and the international ticket fees varies from $200 to $500 varies on the route length of the flight.
  • Passenger can visit to the airport directly to sort everything depending on the choice you can ask anything to them.

How to check that Aeroflot Airlines flight is refundable or not?

To know whether the Aeroflot ticket is refundable or not, here find a complete step to check this.

  • At the beginning of the process, first move to Aeroflot Airlines’ website https://www.aeroflot.ru/ru-en Now Enter the ticket number and the Aeroflot Airlines will display refund eligibility and all the information. 
  • Even if the ticket is not refundable, passenger can cancel his or her itinerary and apply its value towards the future Aeroflot Airlines flight.

Get in touch with Aeroflot Russian Airline representative

These are the basic, quick points that one should know to get in touch with Aeroflot Russian airlines phone number

  1. Phone number:-This service is available to every individual who has already made the flight booking with the airline. First find the official contact number from the airline website and dial it to connect with the airline representative.
  2. Email: - if you have time to wait for getting solution, you can forward your mail or problem to the concerned department of the airline. This process may take some 2-3 business days but at the end you will receive a mail from the department.

Besides, above all the points on Aeroflot Russian airlines refund policy, If you require further assistance, you can call directly to their support number to get the immediate feedback or assistance. Apart from that, you can visit to the airport directly to sort everything in your presence about the baggage policies or others.

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