What is Frontier Airlines Pet Policy?

  1. Some of the passengers require of pet for the Emotional support to travel safely. Passengers need to bring or require all the medical certificates and the documents for the pet while checking in at the airport. Likewise, Carrying pets along require lots of documents works and formalities before boarding in the aircraft.
  2. Here we have discussed all the mandatory points for the passenger to carry pet along. Here Find the below-mentioned points of frontier airlines pet policy easily and safely for frontier airlines animals on the tail .

How do I add a pet to my Frontier flight?

Call Frontier Airlines as soon as your travel plans are confirmed to guarantee Fido a spot. You can get through to the Customer Service Team at (801) 401-9000. Passengers should remember that certain flights operated by Frontier's partners - including Great Lakes Aviation - may not accept pets in the cabin.

Frontier Airlines Pet Policy - Fly with Your Animals

  • Passengers should carry a carrier of size 8 * 14 * 18 and 10 * 16 * 24 for the pets to place under the seat.
  • Make sure about the government laws, rules and regulations in which your animal is being transported.
  • Passengers are allowed to carry in the cabins for all the domestic or international flights.
  • It is recommended that pets need to be safe and should not trouble other passengers in the aircraft.
  • pets will not be provided oxygen if in case the pets are required oxygen as an emergency.
  • As stated the Maximum size of the carrier should not exceed 18 * 14 * 8.
  • As noted that In addition to the pet, passengers are allowed to contain carry-on bags on an applicable fee.

Apart from that passenger should know about the frontier airlines Emotional support policy aspects or the policies to assure the carrying of the pet within the aircraft without giving stress to the passengers for frontier airlines Pet Fees 

Frontier Airlines Emotional Support Policy

  • A frontier airline allows small cats and dogs as emotional support animals which can be stowed under the seat in front of the passenger.
  • Customers are allowed to bring one emotional support animal per person.
  • If any passenger traveling with an emotional support animal will be required to fill the completed medical professional form and animal behavior form at least 48 hours before the departure of the flight.

Get about the Pet Fees in Frontier Airlines

  • Passengers will be charged a sum of $ 99 that is required in advance for the booking process.
  • But if you do not pay in advance, you will need to pay when you check in at the airport.
  • Apart from that passengers are allowed to either carry a personal item and carryon baggage with an additional fee.
  • Airlines do not allow pets as checked baggage.
  • Passengers are recommended to do not feed food or water within 4 hours of departure.

Traveling with Pets in the Cabin

  • Domestic Dogs, cats, and rabbits are allowed to carry on a flight within the United States.
  • In the aircraft amphibians, spiders and insects are not accepted.
  • Pets are allowed in the cabin on all domestic flights and international flights from the Dominican Republic and Mexico.
  • Do not feed your pet in the aircraft, as these factors can make your pet uncomfortable.
  • Your pet needs to be harmless, odorless and it requires no attention during the flight.
  • Make sure that you carry all the important documents before heading to the airport.
  • keep all the items with you required by your pet in the aircraft to avoid any mishappening.

All the above information is a good fit for carrying the pets in the aircraft. If required you can call directly to the frontier customer support team of the airlines for frontier airlines pet policy emotional support and other relevant information to the pet policies.

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