Fiji Airways Business Class Seat Upgrade

  1. Considered as one of the popular flag carrier airlines of Fiji, Fiji Airways has always ensured that the passengers are offered with the best of the services on board. From the online booking option to ticket upgrade service, Fiji Airways has made it simpler for the passengers to plan their travel. 
  2. Besides, the passengers who have booked their flight tickets in advance and wish to upgrade their booking are offered with Fiji Airways Business class seat upgrade service. So, for the passengers who are willing to upgrade their seats here, they will be offered with complete details. 

How do you upgrade on Fiji Airways?

Passengers can bid for an upgrade between seven days and 24 hours before their scheduled flight departure. Bids can be made at www.bulabid.com using the Upgrade Now auction system.

Fiji Airways Seat Upgrade Service to Book First Class Seat

To ensure the passengers have a convenient and comfortable flight, Fiji Airways provides Bula Bid service. For the passengers who have no clue, it is a service using which the passengers can bid for a business class seat upgrade with Fiji Airways.

How does the Fiji seat upgrade or Bula Bid service work? 

  • Initially, the passenger needs to check if the booked itinerary is eligible to bid or not. 
  • Further, the passenger is required to make a bid for the upgrade. 
  • Then, the passenger needs to provide the credit card details and submit the bid. 
  • If the bid of the passenger is accepted, then the passenger will be offered with an email confirming the same. 
  • And then, the credit card will be billed with the upgrade amount. 
  • After that, the passenger will be offered a link that they can use for modifying the booked reservations within 7 days or 24 hours before the departure of the flight. 

Baggage Allowance For Business Class Passengers

Once the Fiji Airways Business class seat upgrade is confirmed, most of the passengers are concerned about the baggage limit of the airlines. So, to help out the passengers get a clear idea about the allowance, they can check out the pointers mentioned below. 

International Travel:

  • As per the airline policy, for the passenger traveling internationally, they are permitted to carry one piece of cabin baggage with a total weight of 7 Kg. 
  • However, in the case of B737/A330 aircraft, the passengers are allowed to carry 2 pieces of baggage of 7 kg each and 1 piece of 14 Kg. 
  • Further, the total dimensions for the baggage should not exceed 56X45X25 cm. 
  • And for checked baggage, only one piece of baggage is permitted with a total weight of 40 Kg and a total dimension of 62 linear inches. 

Besides, the checked baggage limit might vary with the destination. Hence, to gather information on this and Fiji Airlines checked baggage fee it is suggested that one contact the reservation department of the airline. 

Domestic Travel:

As per the standard policy of the airline, the passengers are not permitted to carry any cabin or checked baggage. Hence, it is required that the passengers purchase the baggage for travel. And to gather more information on this, the passenger can contact the airline directly. 

Know about Fiji Airways Business Class Upgrade Cost or Fee

Well, as per the information provided above, the passengers can upgrade their booked Fiji Airways itinerary by using the Bula Bid option only. Hence, the Fiji Airways business class upgrade cost will be completely dependent on the bid made by the passenger. Further, if the bid of the passenger is canceled, they are required to travel with the economy travel ticket as there is no other option available for upgrading the Fiji Airways flight ticket.  

Hence, this was the complete information on the Fiji Airways Business class seat upgrade service. In case, if the passenger still has queries regarding Bula Bid and other conditions of the seat upgrade, they can contact the airline.

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