Delta Airlines Domestic Flights

  1. Traveling has always been fun for the passengers if the tickets are confirmed. It is considered as an escape from the monotonous life that we generally live. And if you have decided to travel with Delta, then you must consider lucky enough to get a chance to travel by Delta airlines that is quite popular for the services it provides.
  2. Known as Delta and based in Atlanta, Georgia, this has earned its name in the aviation industry and is counted as the top airlines of the United States of America. The airline operates about 54000 flights on a daily basis and serves the passengers in 52 countries and 325 places. They also fly on 6 different continents.

In-Flight Entertainment Service Provided By Delta Airlines

  1. Talking about the domestic flights, Delta airlines provides several features to the passengers traveling in it. let us see the services that are offered by the Delta airlines:
  2. If we see the services offered by Delta, we will find that inflight entertainment comes on the top of the list. This is the only airline in the USA that provides free entertainment resources to all its passengers. The passengers can have fun from a device or through a seatback screen that can be enjoyed free of charge. You can enjoy Delta TV and Music without getting bored.
  3. Coming on the meals and the beverages, the passengers of Delta can get the mouth-watering food. The food is free on the flight, especially on domestic flights. The passengers can enjoy all types of local meals that will be freshly packed. The passengers can now enjoy the Delta complimentary meals. We assure you that you will love it.

The Baggage Policy of Delta Airlines

Well, things are kept pretty straight forward by Delta Airlines. This is because they don’t want passengers to be troubled at the airport. So, they have made the policy of the size and the limit of bags that can be carried by the passengers. they should be aware of the bags they can carry with them. Let us have a look at Delta checked baggage allowance:

  • The passengers will not be limited to the size and the weight of one personal item and free carry-on.
  • If the passengers are traveling on a domestic flight, then they will be charged $25 for the first checked bag, $35 for the second one. Per bag weight limit will be 50 pounds.
  • For the passengers traveling on the international flight, they can carry the bag of weight limit from 50 to 70 pounds.
  • If the bags of the passengers are overweight, then the cost incurred will be $100 for the weight between 51 to 70 pounds, $200 for the bags whose weight will be between 71 to 100 pounds.

This is the baggage policy of Delta airlines. The passengers can enjoy the services of Delta Airlines by booking the seat in this. They can contact customer support for more assistance. For seeking help, they can call on the toll-free number and talk to the experts. The experts will provide perfect guidance to them and are active all the time.

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