British Airways Baggage Policy, Here’s Get the Baggage Related information

Whenever we think of traveling to our preferred destination, the imagination to us being there leaves us excited and we book our flight in the priority. And as soon as we are done with making the reservation in our favorite airline, all that we do is to pack our bags.

Going for a British Airways flight, the passengers can feel happy as they are aware of the services that the airline provides. But, sometimes, we are not aware of the bags that we are allowed to carry and then we pack a whole lot of stuff with us, leading to trouble at the airport at the time of security check. We have come across a lot of passengers who have to pay British airways extra baggage Fee because of the extra luggage. So, let us see the baggage policy before we pack our bags.

The Baggage Policy of British Airways

The passengers can go through the below-mentioned baggage policy to avoid the discrepancy. They can also contact the customer support of British Airways by calling on the helpline number provided. The experts will help you out in explaining to you the policy of British Airways that will be of your help.

  • The passengers of British Airways are permitted to carry one small item as well as one piece of hand luggage.
  • The Hand luggage must not exceed the size of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm whereas the small item must not be bigger than 40cm x 30cm x 15cm size. Also, the maximum size allowed for this 23 kg.
  • The Prices might be different depending on the size of the bag.
  • The airport prices are different from the online one.

Checked Baggage Policy

  • Coming on the checked baggage, it is dependent on the booking and also on your fare, ticket type, and route.
  • Each piece of your luggage must be larger than 90cm x 75cm x 43cm that will include wheels and handles.
  • The weight allowance of the luggage will be 23 kg or 32 kg and that will depend on the ticket/ route of the passengers.

Extra Baggage Policy

  • The passengers are allowed to carry up to 10 pieces of luggage per flight and the prices will range from £36 to £120 per piece and £40 to £140 when you book online.
  • Anything heavier than 32 kg will be shipped as cargo.
  • Coming on the musical instruments, the sports as well as musical instruments will come under the category of checked baggage which should not heavy from 45 kg and the size should not be more than 190cm x 75cm x 65cm.

This is the baggage policy of British Airways that provide the undeniably affordable option of travel to the passengers if you are traveling with a small amount of baggage. However, if you exceed the British airways baggage size, then you will have to pay for an additional fee. For more queries, you can contact the customer support.

British Airways Baggage Allowance & Fees

If the passengers are traveling with only hand luggage, then the passengers are allowed to add additional bags for a baggage fee but that will be dependent on the route and one-way journey. The fee that will be charged for the first bag is £20 - £40, £36 - £60 for each additional bag or £65 for bags on the connecting flights.

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