Alaska Airlines a world's most reliable and trusted airline which offers several options of in-flight entertainment includes streaming entertainment systems that allow you to watch your favorite show and entertaining movies. After boarding the flight, you will be hand over a tablet for the rent, loaded with the movies and many more with Alaska airlines in-flight menu.

Find the below steps to learn more and more about the entertainment facilities

Use the in-flight entertainment tablet to watch unlimited movies for free

  • Free for the first-class passengers.
  • For MVP Gold 75Ks and available for rent in the main cabin.
  • Each tablet is loaded with entertaining stuff of music, games and many more.

Tablet includes

  • Movies and TV shows

  the tablet is loaded with two dozen movies with new releases or the TV shows.

  • Xbox Games

Tablet offers Microsoft’s classic Solitare or Microsoft Sudoku games to give you full exposure of games and to make your journey stress free.

  • Music

Stay tuned with the latest playlist of music which features two albums from sub pop and record of Seattle based labels.

  • Zone for the Kids in the tablet

It offers a wide range of selection of kids in its dedicated area.

  • Free Internet access

With the Gogo in-flight internet which offers internet access to the entire passengers sitting in the aircraft.

Important Tips to enjoy the full service of tablet

  • Before you board the flight, make sure that you have downloaded the Gogo Entertainment App to watch Alaska airlines in-flight movies for free and play games.
  • Snuggle into the seat take some snacks to watch the live shows and the new releases Alaska airlines movies with 
  • On-flights offering satellite Wi-Fi, download the app before take off.
  • After boarding the flight, you will hand over a tablet and afterward connect to the network by an open web browser by going to airborne.gogoinflight.com to check the option available on the flight.
  • Airlines allow you to use the streaming services of Netflix and Amazon Prime to enjoy during the journey.
  • In-flight you are not allowed to do a video call or any phone call.
  • Turn off the privacy mode of your device to reduce the infiltration of hackers or any other malicious bug.

All the above information is enough to get the idea of the In-flight Alaska Wi-Fi entertainment menu and if you need further assistance or support, you may call them directly to the customer support solution for the quality assistance.

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