Alaska Airlines Group Travel

  1. Alaska Airlines is one of the biggest airlines based in the USA that provides air travel services at numerous destinations in the world. It does not only allow the sole travel but the group travel also with certain strings attached to it.
  2. The group booking in Alaska Air allows a minimum of 10 passengers and but there is no limit for the maximum number of passengers. Alaska Airlines provides three options for Alaska Airlines Group Reservations.
  3. According to the need of group travel, Alaska rolls out several methods of group travel.

Travel Individually in Alaska Airlines

For the group of consisting of 20 or more than that passenger, which are traveling separately from various departure locations to any particular destination are offered air travel discount while making the reservation, all that a user needs to do is to make contact with the group desk of Alaska Airlines Booking .

How does it work?

  • Group members need to establish contact with a group travel desk.
  • They are provided with a special discount code for group travel.
  • While making the individual reservations, this code can be used to get a discounted ticket.

Group Traveling together in the flight

Unlike the above-mentioned method of Air travel, Group travel of 10 or more than 10 passengers in Alaska Airlines, which are traveling in the same flight and schedule are offered a discount when they contact the group desk of the airlines.

What are the benefits of Group Traveling?

  • Seats are assigned to the passengers in advance.
  • A user can change the details of the passenger like a name change for an infinite time.
  • The user also earns tour credits for the journey with the airlines.

With this, there are various other benefits of this type of group travel.

Getting a charter flight on Alaska Airlines

Alaska has a special flight program that is suitable for the large group travel this program provides the flights based on the special plans and arrangements, but this service is only available to the group travel within North America.

Additional information about Group Travel in Alaska Airlines

  • The users (s) can manage the Alaska Airlines group booking by providing Group ID and Confirmation code to the online portal of Alaska Airlines.
  • Group Travel can be made eleven months prior to the scheduled departure.
  • A large group choosing a charter flight doesn't need to worry about the schedule as they choose their own.
  • Group travel can be used for weddings or any other special programs.

Group Booking Process in Alaska Airlines: How to book a travel group?

For making Group booking in Alaska Airlines the user needs to contact the group desk and give details about the group itinerary the best way to do this, using the Alaska Airlines Group Travel phone number and get the special code for making the reservation.

After this, the user needs to follow this process to make a reservation for group travel.

  • Visit the official website of Alaska Airlines and navigate to the Book section located on the homepage.
  • Select the trip type and enter the special code for getting the group travel discount.
  • Enter the details of the group air travel such as dates & place and the total number of passengers.
  • Select the flights (Outbound and Inbound) from the list of the available flights for the schedule of the group travel.
  • Enter the information of the passengers and the contact details of the user like email ID and phone number.
  • Select the accepted mode of payment and provide the fees for making the group travel reservation in Alaska Airlines.
  • At the last step, the user will receive the confirmation email from the airlines

If the user encounters any problem in the Alaska Airlines group travel booking process , he may get in touch with the customer support of Alaska Airlines to get the solution to their problems during the booking process of group travel.


Do Alaska airlines give group discounts?

Alaska Airlines provides a discount of up to 5-10% off with groups of 10 or more, here's you can get the discount for weddings, company meetings, Conventions domestic-based zone discounts range from 30% to 60% off as per the rates .

What are Alaska Airlines Boarding groups?

Alaska Airlines has five boarding groups - First Class, and Groups A to D that would present the special seat for its passengers. Here's the First-class, or pre-boarding,  Group A Represents the Million Milers and MVP Golds. Group B Describe the Alaska Mileage Plan MVPs and Premium Class passengers. and Group C provides the in the back half of the plane, and Group D as well.

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