What is Aeromexico Airlines Baggage Policy?

AeroMexico allows passengers to bring 1 personal item and 1 piece of carry-on into the cabin. The combined weight of these items must not exceed 22 pounds (10 kg). The standard carry-on piece must not exceed 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches.

Yes, you should carry everything with you so that after you arrived at the airport, your basic things arrived too. All the Essentials like headphones, a charger, a travel pillow will be given to you in the aircraft while boarding. So it is not necessary to carry all the things with you.

Aeromexico airlines already prescribed baggage Policy considers every dimension the passenger luggage either it’s of the weight limit or the baggage fee. So here you will see the basic baggage policies and their baggage fee so that passengers can prepare themselves with the money in hand for Aeromexico classic fare baggage. Read carefully all the policies point so that you can know the pros and cons of the policies.

Follow the Baggage Policy of Aeromexico airlines

Learn points for the checked baggage of the Aeromexico airlines

  • Passengers can carry a maximum weight of 50 pounds while check-in at the airport 
  • Passenger is allowed to carry a Maximum size of the bag of 62 inches
  • Passengers are not allowed to weight exceeds or to 51 to 100
  • The size of the overweight items varies from 62 inches to 80 inches.
  • Passenger is required to pay a Baggage fee of $75.

Aeromexico Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Passengers are allowed to carry one personal item for free and the one standard carryon bag for free while check-in at the airport.

  • Passenger can carry a personal item of size 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches i.e of 55*40*25cm
  • As the standard dimension are specified for carryon allowance is 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches
  • Carryon allowance standard weight specified is 22 pounds i.e of 10kg for both the combined pieces.

Learn the basic aspect of stroller check policy

  1. Each passenger is allowed to carry one stroller to be checked at the gate without any cost.
  2. For the International Destination, passengers are allowed to carry one additional piece of checked luggage besides the stroller 
  3. The combined weight of the stroller and the bag should not exceed 50 pounds (23 kg) in weight or 45 inches in size.

Checked baggage allowance with baggage fee.

  1. All the checked bags dimension must stick to the max linear dimensions of 62 inches.

If the travelers are traveling within Mexico

  1. In basic fare, no bags are included but If you are traveling in the main cabin, passengers must carry a bag of 25 kg i.e of 25 kg.
  2. If the passenger is traveling in class premier, only 2 bags are included i.e of 70 pounds which cost around $ 85 as a baggage fee

If the traveler is traveling between Mexico, the US, & Canada

In the Main cabin, no bags are allowed and combined weight does not exceed 50 pounds i.e of 23kg which costs around $150 as a baggage fee.

Consider all the basic aspects very carefully to learn more about the Aeromexico Baggage Policy. If required you can call the customer support number for getting more information regarding the journey or the baggage policy. Ask them every question that comes in your mind to overcome the problem of fee and other charges.

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