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How To Enjoy In-Flight Entertainment & Shopping Features On American Airlines: Deep Insights

One of the largest airlines in the world, American Airlines, knows very well what its passengers want while journeying in its flights. The airline has a huge reputation in providing top-notch and reliable in-flight and ground services to its passengers across the world. When it comes to the quality watchable content, American Airlines is quite ensuring and promising in making your journey plans not boring at all. However, the entertainment menu includes a giant amount of varied content that makes American Airlines quite distinguished from any other US carrier.

You can find over 250 movies and TV shows in your American Airlines seatback entertainment screens and also look for your personalized menu by making special requests to the airline. Moreover, if you have recently made your reservations with American Airlines and have been facing any confusion with its in-flight program then here’s what you need to know about it.

So, How Seatback Entertainment Works On American Airlines?

Basically, operating American Airlines seatback entertainment is quite easy on your selected aircraft with the airline. You can easily check out the list of shows and movies on your itinerary online before even getting onboard your flight. Here’s how.

Navigate to the official website of American Airlines Entertainment in your preferred web browser and then switch to the  Seatback tab

Next hit the “What’s on my flight” option on the top right and then enter the following details

o   Your scheduled flight departure date

o   Your Departure location

o   Your destination location

o   Your flight number

Now hit the Search button to view your entertainment list

In addition, American Airlines also offers top-notch gaming services & news streaming services from big broadcasters like CNN, BBC and CNBC are also available on American Airlines flights.

Key Things About Wireless Entertainment On American Airlines

Apart from seatback entertainment, American Airlines also offers best-in-class wireless entertainment to its passengers. You can enjoy your favorite shows on your respective smartphone devices without having to buy the Wi-Fi package from the airline. The American Airlines inflight tablets & phones are quite helpful to make your trip plans entertaining and not boring. However, you’ll need to install the official American Airlines application in your devices then you can follow the following steps to watch your shows.

  • Connect to Wi-Fi signal (no internet purchase required)
  • Get connected with the in-flight signal and then navigate to the gogo in-flight webpage
  • in your browser
  • Now, navigate to the American Airlines entertainment page on your browser and hit the “Free Entertainment,” button
  • Next, select the “Watch Now” or the play button icon to select your movie or TV show

Furthermore, you make duty-free shopping on both online and selected airports. To get more information on American Airlines inflight tablets & phones and shopping, contact reservation center.

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