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Xiamen is a sub-provincial city in southeastern Fujian province; it is divided into six districts: Siming, Huli, Jimei, Haicang, Tong'an, and Xiang'an. The city which connects to Zhangzhou in the west and Quanzhou in the north, owns a natural harbor in Yundang Bay. It is widely known for its Hokkien culture and mild climate. Xiamen was, however, ranked as China's most romantic leisure city and China's 2nd-most suitable city for living in 2011. It gives numerous reasons to get visited, and hence, it has emerged as one of the most visited places in China.

What is the best time to reach Xiamen?

The people living in Xiamen get long, hot and humid summers; and short, mild and dry winters. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 12.8 °C and July is the warmest month with an average temperature of 27.8°C. The springs are humid and sunshine, and the autumns are warm and dry. Nevertheless, the city gets an average rainfall of 1,350 mm.

How to reach Xiamen?

If you are intended to reach Xiamen, you must go through this page and know every detail about the city. We have come with complete information about the tourist attractions, religious attractions, shopping destinations, hotels, restaurants, etc. Our website will help you in booking cheap tickets for the single trip, group trip, and corporate trip.

What are the main tourist attractions in Xiamen?

Organ Museum

Zhongshan Park

Overseas Chinese Museum

Xiamen Riyuegu Hot Spring Resort

Xiamen Piano Museum

Xiamen University

What are the things to do in Xiamen?

Xiamen Botanical Garden

Xiamen Fantawild Water Park

Xiamen Fantawild Oriental Heritage

Shuanglongtan Eco-Sport Scenic Zone

Little Egret Art Center

What are the famous religious destinations of Xiamen?

Xiamen Tianjie Temple

Fantian Temple

Nanputuo Temple

Xiamen Tianjie Temple

Meishan Temple

Xiamen Mosque

What are the famous hotels in Xiamen?

Langham Place Xiamen

C&D Hotel Xiamen

Lujiang Harborview Hotel
Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen

International Seaside Hotel

City Hotel Xiamen

What are the famous restaurants in Xiamen?

Jacky Angela Steakhouse



GoldenOlives Greece Restaurant
Odenwalder Restaurant Bar

Coyote Cafe and Cantina

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