What is Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Have you booked reservations with Malaysia Airlines, but due to some reasons you wish to cancel your booking with the airlines, have no clue about the cancellation provision of the airline? 

Fortunately, for those who have booked reservations with Malaysia Airlines are offered with a provision to cancel their booking before the departure of the flight. So, for the passengers who are willing to cancel their booking with the airline, here they will be offered with the complete details. 

Cancelling Reservations Booked with Malaysia Airlines

For the passengers who have booked their reservations in a hurry and no longer wish to travel with the airline are provided with the facility to cancel their booking. At present, the airline offers a partial and full refund, depending on the eligibility of the itinerary. 

Check Out the main points of the Cancellation Policy of Malaysia Airlines

  • For the reservations that are booked one week or before the departure are allowed to cancel their booking within 24 hours without paying any penalty fee. 
  • In the above-mentioned case, the passenger can claim a full refund for their cancelled reservation. 
  • And if the cancellation of the flight ticket was made after 24 hours of the booking, then the passenger is required to pay a cancellation fee. 

Cancellation Charges for Malaysia Airlines Reservations

The passengers who cancel their booking after the risk-free cancellation period are required to pay Malaysia Airlines cancellation fee. However, to confirm the cancellation charges the passenger is required to contact the reservation department of the airline. 

Get Points on Malaysia Airlines Refund Policy

About Refund Policy of Malaysia Airlines 

  • As stated in the refund policy of the airline, the passenger can claim a full refund if the flight ticket is cancelled within 24 hours of the purchase. 
  • Further, to claim a refund, the passenger is required to submit a refund request form and claim a refund online. 
  • The refund will be only provided for the eligible reservations when the refund is requested before the expiration period. 
  • Besides, a standard Refund fee in 24 Hours will be deducted from the refund amount that one can confirm by contacting the reservation department of the airline. 

Procedure to Cancel Reservations with Malaysia Airlines

  • For cancelling reservations with Malaysia Airlines, visit the airline website. 
  • Click on the manage option present on the homepage and provide the reservation details. 
  • Once the booking is retrieved, if the booking is found eligible, then the passenger can opt for the cancellation. 
  • Further, the passenger is required to confirm the cancellation and claim refund for the reservations. 

Still, if the passenger has any queries regarding cancellation and refund, the passenger can contact the reservation department of the airline for assistance and manage their booking accordingly. 

Malaysia Airlines Flight Change Procedure

Formerly known as Malaysian Airlines System, Malaysia Airlines is the airlines the 2nd biggest airlines of Malaysia in terms of passengers carried and serving at more than 60 destinations around the world. There are many people who change the flight for various reasons and when we talk about Malaysia Airlines there is a perfectly dedicated system of travelling with a flight change but the change of the flight is subject to the ticket availability in the changed flight. Below is the process is given for changing the date of the flight.

How to change the flight at Malaysia Airlines  

  • Visit the website of Malaysia Airlines.
  • Click on My Trip.
  • Select the option of Manage Booking.
  • Give 6-digit PNR number aka Booking Reference and Last Name of the passenger, click on Manage Booking.
  • In this section modify the flight according to the new schedule of the trip by clicking on Modify flights & date to proceed.

Tips for changing the ticket

For changing the dates of the flight it is very important

  • To choose a flexible carrier of the Malaysian airlines
  • To book a flight early for making adjustments in the aircraft according to the alterations in the schedule.

Malaysia airlines Change flight date process should be done before 4 hours of the scheduled departure of the flight to save the money and to avoid the cancellation of the flight. If you are not able to make a flight change then you can contact the Global Contact centre to get in touch with the customer support or Use Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message.

Malaysia airlines flight change fee depending upon the travel schedule and the fare category from which you booked your ticket earlier. Passenger can also consider the option of rebooking the flight for changing the dates of the flight after cancelling the previous ticket booked in the Malaysia Airlines. 

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