How do I get a Refund from Royal Air Maroc?

The biggest headache for everyone canceling the flight reservations is to get a refund on time. But nearly all the airlines have different types of flight cancellation and refund policies. And if you have confirmed flight reservations in the Royal Air Maroc then you can take the help of their flight cancellation policies.

Canceling flight and applying for the flight refund in the Royal Air Maroc 

To cancel the Royal Air Maroc reservations, you can take the help of online steps or the offline reservation steps. To find more, tap below.

  1. To cancel the flight booking of the Royal Air Maroc, first of all, go to the website of the airline and tap on the manage booking section.
  2. Under the manage booking section of Royal Air, select the option of cancel flights and enter the booking number along with the name of the passenger.
  3. Now move ahead and then make sure your airline allows flight cancellation. Follow the online steps to cancel the flight and confirm the changes.
  4. Once your flight reservations are being canceled then fill out the flight refund form so that your refund can be generated on time.
  5. If you have made any offline booking then you can get the flight refund with the help of a reservation number. All you have to do is call on the helpline number and get the flight refund updated.

Flight Refund policies of the Royal Air Maroc 

Once your reservation gets canceled following the royal air Maroc cancellation policy, you can apply for the flight refund. And there are some terms and conditions for getting the flight refund as well. 

  1. To get the flight refund, there has to be a very genuine reason to apply for the flight refund. You can get the flight refund only if the flight is canceled by the passenger, or delayed by the airline. 
  2. If your flight gets delayed for more than three hours then you can get the flight refund on the unused part of the ticket. 
  3. However, if you cancel the flight and it’s done within the 24 hours of the flight reservations then passengers can claim up to the full refund. However, make sure the flight canceled was booked seven days before the flight departure. 
  4. If you have purchased any award flight then you won’t be able to get any flight refund or changes in the flight booking. 
  5. The standard claim received by the passengers of Royal Air is up to 700 dollars and if the reservation qualifies for the refund then you can claim a refund on the ticket that is as old as three years. 
  6. And the maximum time taken to receive the refund is at least seven days old and the flight refund would be credited in form of a travel voucher. You can use the travel voucher for one year. 

And that’s all for the Royal Air Maroc refund policy with which you can get a refund on the canceled flight ticket.

Contacting the customer care team 

Sometimes people face issues while canceling flights or refunds. And in case you have any doubt then you can contact the royal air Maroc phone number.

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